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Points to Remember when defining the Custom Concurrent manager

Posted by appsdba11i on May 17, 2011

Navigation to create custom concurrent manager

Login to System Administrator Responsibility and do the following:

– Navigate to Concurrent > Manager > Define
– Manager Field: XXXX(name)
– Short Name: xxxxname
– Type: Concurrent Manager
– Program Library: FNDLIBR
– Enter desired Cache
– Work Shifts: Standard
– Enter number of Processes
– Provide Specialization Rules
– Save
– Navigate to Concurrent > Manager > Administer
– Activate the Custom Manager.

Points to Remember

  • Any CUSTOM MANAGER defined should have atleast one program INCLUDED under them, else the manager would be considered as STANDARD MANAGER and some of the programs not defined under either the STANDARD MANAGER or the CUSTOM MANAGER will not be run by either of them.
  • Any program INCLUDED in the CUSTOM MANAGER should be EXCLUED from the STANDARD MANAGER. Any program that is not included in CUSTOM MANAGER will be run by STANDARD MANAGER by default
  • Please make a look at the Sleep cycle  of the Custom manager if that is ubnormal then it will cause some performane issues

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One Response to “Points to Remember when defining the Custom Concurrent manager”

  1. Satya said

    Thanks for the great help..after many hours in the google i got these valuable points

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