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Posted by appsdba11i on May 16, 2011

Generally all trace files have read and write permission for Oracle software owner and group of Oracle installation has permission of read only. Other users don’t have privilege of read.

As The Trace files Are containg some infomation regardig database details and for security reason the ORACLE not allows other user to view this trace files .Oracle Internally uses

_TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC to Force directory /udump to not  Readable by other user

Default value of     _TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC= False

Its Hidden Parameter . U can get this value from InitSID.ora


Select name from v$parameter  where name like ‘%trace%’;

The database parameter, _TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC=True, creates trace files with read privilege open for all users on the database server.

it doesn’t change or set permissions on the directory.
The other users (OS accounts other than Oracle and in the “dba” group) should have READ and EXECUTE permission to the user_dump_dest directory as well (Unix and Linux).

This means anyone having access to the database server can view the trace file which would be mainly used for troubleshooting purpose and could be turned Be disabled if its not Required.


2 Responses to “_TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC”

  1. Lucile said

    I was searching for recommendations for my blog and located ur blog, “_TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC
    Your Doorstep to the Temple of Oracle” Window Treatment , will you mind in the event I actually apply some of ur ideas?
    Appreciate it -Krista

    • sriwidu said


      You can apply the resolutions and ideas,but we suggest you to try them on test first and then on prod as we don’t take any responsibility for any result.Further,please don’t directly copy the contents of this blog on to other blogs.Ensure that you provide the reference.


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