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how to drop/Delete an application user

Posted by appsdba11i on May 14, 2011

Hi Folks

I am going to give some information about how to drop/deleting application user

We cannot delete a frontend user due to security reason.deleting cause some problem to the application.. If u want to delete the frontend user then deavtivate or enddate the user..

Methods to End-date application User..

Method 1
Login to Oracle Applications – Select the System Administrator responsibility – Security – User – Define – Query  the user name – then you can give end date in the Effectives Date To column.

Method 2:

Enddating user by sqlplus

1) backup fnd_user

2) The following SQL*Plus statement may be run from the APPS account:

SQL>update fnd_user set end_date=’14-jUN-2011′ where user_name like ‘%desired_ser_NAME%’;


Modifying tables without the use of the Oracle Forms interface is NOT SUPPORTED.

How to Change the END_DATE for Applications Users through SQL*Plus [ID 1039608.6]


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