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Posted by appsdba11i on May 11, 2011

Oracle Applications Current Patchsets Comparison Utility (Script to Analyze)

The program compares the currently installed patchsets and family packs to the most recently available ones generated by Oracle Development. This program utilizes the the applptch.txt file for 10.7-11.0. For 11i and R12, it utilizes a combination of tables such as AD_BUGS and AD_APPLIED_PATCHES to create the installed patch list. If the 11i release does not use these AD tables (11.5.4 or lower and have not applied 11i.AD.E or higher) it still supports using applptch.txt for 11i.

Columns in The Output of script
Baseline Version: This is the baseline release version that come with EBS release
Running Version: This is The Current High Level Code running on instance..or currrent patch level
Latest AvailableStatus: THis Is the Latest Patches Available from The ORACLE for that module…

Download :

If u have metalink access then download from the support..


Oracle Applications Current Patchset Comparison Utility – [ID 139684.1]


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