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Posted by appsdba11i on May 3, 2011

When troubleshooting performance issues, it is helpful to gather and examine OS related data.  Use the below tool to gather data specific to the OS.

OSW is a series of shell scripts that collect specific kinds of data, using Unix operating system diagnostic utilities. Control is passed to individually spawned operating system data collector processes, which in turn collect specific data, timestamp the data output, and append the data to pre-generated and named files. Each data collector will have its own file, created and named by the File Manager process.

OSW invokes the distinct operating system utilities listed below as data collectors. These utilities will be supported, or their equivalents, as available for each supported target platform.

  • ps
  • top
  • mpstat
  • iostat
  • netstat
  • traceroute
  • vmstat

OS Watcher User Guide (Doc ID 301137.1)


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