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10g: Beware Killing session with Immediate Option

Posted by appsdba11i on April 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

We had recently one of the weird problem in our PROD RAC system. One of our DB RAC instance crashed. After reviewing we found the alert log error .

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kghlkremf()+56] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object]
[0x4501000000000000] [] []

After pursuing SR with Oracle found that its a bug with where the possibility of instance might crash while using an alter system kill session with IMMEDIATE argument.

Avoiding Crash:

It was suggested in the SR not to use argument “IMMEDIATE” on environment while killing sessions. Looks Oracle has given fix patch in!!

So beware killing oracle session using “alter system kill session ‘123,10202’ immediate;” in environments. (Say big no to immediate!!)

Thanx Suresh For sharing …


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