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To clear HTML cache in R12

Posted by appsdba11i on April 11, 2011

Important: The _pages directory under $COMMON_TOP should not be cleared for E-Biz Release 12, which we used to suggest for 11i customers.

For clearing middle tier cache:

(R) Functional Administrator responsibility
(N) Core Services > Caching Framework > Global Configuration > Clear cache

Clearing the _pages in R12 creates a blank login page issue, as in Release 12 the jsp files do not get compiled automatically.

So, in an R12 instance, if you clear _pages and restart apache,
you will only get a blank screen since AppsLocalLogin.jsp wouldn’t
get compiled by default. You will not even see a new _pages directory.

To overcome this, as per Oracle, whenever JSP cache is cleared, we have to run
“” to recompile ALL jsp pages in the Application.
This will take roughly around 15 to 20 mts. However, in the real world
(atleast in the pre-production stage) this is not affordable.

The solution to this is to change the XML file parameter
s_jsp_main_mode to a value of “recompile” from the default value of
“justrun” and run autoconfig. JSP pages will be recompiled automatically
after this change.

Hope this tip was helpful.


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