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Parameters Used in Gather Schema Statistics Program

Posted by appsdba11i on April 11, 2011

To describe the meaning of the following parameters used in the Gather Schema Statistics program:
History Mode
Gather Options
Modifications Threshold
Invalidate Dependent Cursors


* History mode is used to maintain history of gather stats runs. By default, the last run is maintained.

* Gather options refers to the Gather Auto feature which can be used to gather stats only on changed objects.

* Estimate_percent
Percentage of rows to estimate. If left empty it will default to 10%. The valid range is 0-99.
A higher percentage will be more accurate, but take longer to run.
If the object(s) that you are gathering statistics for do not change often or the object(s) has data entered that is very similar you may choose a lower number.However, if the data changes frequently a larger number entered for this parameter would be
recommended to provide a more accurate representation of your data.

* The invalidate option controls whether we invalidate cursors in the shared pool after gathering stats. The default behavior invalidates cursors, and this option can be used to avoid this if gathering stats on a busy system and it is not immediately required to utilize the new statistics.

(Doc ID 556466.1)


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